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Benefit from all the useful features of this app.
  1. Open the handy magnifier to help with reading small print such as labels etc.
    Click on the MAGNIFIER button on the home page
  2. Obtain reliable information and insights through easy to read and informative articles  on useful topics such as
    Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Inspiration, Home & Family, Money Matters, Food, and Retirement
    Click on the ARTICLES button on the home page, then click on the topic you want to browse to enjoy tonnes of informative articles with new ones added every week
  3. Buy products carefully selected and recommended by the Samarth community to make life safer and easier for seniors, home delivered at great prices.
    Click on the STORE button on the home page and find hand-picked products for Mobility, support and safety, Lifestyle, Medical, Nutrition and more.
  4. Watch hundreds of exclusive videos on health, wellness, finance and legal advice, spirituality and much more fromexperts in these areas.
    Click on the VIDEO button on the home page and browse these short and useful videos added regularly.
  5. Interact with other fellow seniors from around the country.
    Click on the EVENTS buttons on the home page to check the calendar of schedules events and join or register for live events.
  6. Quick dial for help in case of an emergency.
    The SOS button on the home page is set to dial 100 from your mobile phone. If you are logged in as a premium member, you can set it to any other number of your choice by editing the Emergency Information.
  7. Keep your emergency information updated at one place, and set up an emergency phone number you can call instantly from the app from the SOS button.
    The EMERGENCY INFO button on the home page to do this is available only if you are logged in as a premium member
  8. Request the Samarth helpdesk for assistance regarding any support for home care, medicines, tests, medical equipment, seniors related expert advice etc.
    The SAMARTH HELDESK button on the home page to make a request is available only if you are logged in as a premium member
  9. Join the Samarth Community and become a premium member. Avail all the benefits as a member and also contribute to welfare of other seniors.
    Click the JOIN button to learn about the benefits, join and get your membership card immediately