Chettinad & Madurai

Culture & Architecture : Chettinad & Madurai

Walk around the village to see old but spectacular mansions, those Chettinad is famous for. The architecture in these parts stands out for its use of large spaces in halls and courtyards, ornate embellishments like Belgian glasswork, intricate woodwork, spectacular ceramic tiles, stone, iron and wooden pillars, together creating an indigenous amalgam of traditional Indian architecture and various European styles.

Quite like their rich mansions, the Chettiars spent freely to build magnificent temples. Originally built by early Tamil dynasties like the Cholas, the temples of Chettinad form the core of its culture. It is said that Nagarathars cannot do without constructing a temple wherever they reside.

Taste local food which is prepared with a unique blend of spices. If interested visit the Athangudi tile making unit. Drive to Madurai & visit the Meenakshi Temple, a historic Hindu temple harboring the south side of the Vaigai river.
Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace, this Palace is a classic fusion of Italian and Rajput styles.

4-7 Days


₹ 20,000/- onwards