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We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves. And we travel to become young fools again—to slow time down, and fall in love once more. – Pico Iyer

The joy of visiting new places, meeting new people, and building new memories, along with all the attendant benefits on both mind and body, urge us to travel regardless of age and stage of our lives.

At Samarth, we bring these joys and benefits to our community of seniors who believe that travel is no longer about tight itineraries, endless queues, and adrenaline rushes. We have taken a more mindful approach to travel: one that allows you to experience, savour, explore, connect, or perhaps just relax at the pace that works best for you, and responds to your requirements with customised plans. You even have the option of a dedicated, resourceful travelling companion to take charge and ensure the all-round attention that you have come to expect from Samarth.

Samarth has partnered with Breakaway, which has created unique experiences for travellers over the last 12 years, to design customised trips for seniors based on their needs and interests. These experiences have been compiled to give you a taste of the food, culture, and heritage of those destinations that would help you look deep into the eyes of India’s people and, thus, into her very soul.

Travel, designed for seniors.

Our experiences are bespoke all the way.
Our Travel Advisors will co-design a plan just for you. You can decide your travel dates, duration, itinerary, stay options, mode of travel and meals. Experiences are curated for your group size: whether you are travelling by yourself, with your partner, or in groups of up to 8. You can also travel with a group of like-minded seniors from the Samarth Community.
  • We offer multiple stay options that suit a range of budgets. Each of these options has been personally vetted by our team for cleanliness, comfort, convenience, access, and safety.
  • Itineraries are thoughtfully designed to account for your fitness level and mobility and to suit your pace.
  • 24/7 support, local assistance, and emergency medical support are available during your vacation.
  • Experiences are curated for your group size: whether you are travelling by yourself, with your partner, or in groups of up to 8 like-minded seniors from the Samarth community.
We select the best accommodation for your needs.
We’ve chosen the perfect places for you to stay to experience the local culture and cuisine of these destinations. Choose from lovingly restored and maintained guest houses, hotels, and villas.
  • Stay in a contemporary home, a renovated traditional bungalow, or even a restored heritage home, and get first-hand experience of how different communities live.
  • You can also stay in fully-staffed villas for a uniquely intimate and personal experience. We ensure easy access to medical care, senior-friendly spaces, and resident staff on call.
We design itineraries that cater to all your requirements.
Our trips place your experiences at the centre every step of the way.
  • We plan programmes and outings to avoid crowds as much as possible. We make reservations in advance as far as we can.
  • We can coordinate club evenings (if you have memberships with reciprocal access) and social outings and events.
  • We can find unique cultural events and performances in the neighbourhood for you to enjoy on holiday.
The experience of food is often the experience of togetherness.
We will curate meals that allow you to explore the diversity of cuisines on your travels. Quality meals are arranged to suit your dining preferences (dietary requirements, allergies, ambience, and more).
Our trips adhere to the highest standards of safety and care.
Our format of bespoke, attentive curation is attuned to keeping you more comfortable and safe.
  • A Samarth Care Counsellor will travel with you and stay at the same hotel so as to always be available.
  • By design, privately curated tours enhance your social space (while improving your quality of interaction), and we do our part to enhance your experience by only working with the best local partners, those who have safety protocols in place.
  • We will have emergency assistance available during your travel at all locations.

Explore these destinations

Each destination offers new experiences and a chance to make memories that will stay with you forever. Traverse breathtaking mountains and valleys, feel the sand beneath your feet on secluded beaches, explore your history and heritage at ancient palaces and forts, revel among the golden flowers of mustard fields…the possibilities are endless!

If there is a place you want to see that is not here, please ask, and we will try to make it happen. Whether for a large group or a small set, our approach is centred around your needs. Conversations with you and our recommendations will help us arrive at an itinerary that reflects your personality. Every place and person you will engage with on your Breakaway will be someone we’ve vetted and only then suggested.


Frequently asked questions

We have thoroughly vetted all our experiences for maximum comfort and safety. We can vouch for all experiences, restaurants, and accommodations that we recommend.  We pride ourselves in our decision to work with only those people who we know we can trust with the safety and well-being of our travellers. 

Yes. We like to give our guests a flavour of regional cuisines during our trips, and our itineraries can accommodate allergies, aversions, and special dietary requirements. We also provide options for you to experience the best local food in the area at your own pace at restaurants we have vetted. Please inform us of any special instructions and allergies so that we can design your trip accordingly. 

Yes, we organize local assistance for medical support during the journey.

Please let us know of any medical conditions or ailments that you have. This is important and will help us plan your travel accordingly. 

Basic first aid will be accessible on all our trips.

In the event of an extreme emergency, one that needs special attention, we will assist you in getting back home.

Yes. In case you need wheelchair support, inform your travel advisor. We will recommend stay and itinerary to accommodate such requirements. Additionally, rooms will be allocated on either the ground floor or those with lift access, ensuring there are no staircases to climb. 

You can travel by yourself or in a group of up to 8 people. We pride ourselves on customised and deeply immersive experiences and have found that a group of 4-8 people is best suited for a memorable experience for all.

If you wish to travel with a large group, please let us know and we will factor that into our recommendations.

In case you would like us to travel with other members of the Samarth Community, do let us know.

Not at all! After decades of taking many, many guests on adventures across the country, we have found that solo travellers have enjoyed our excursions just as much. If you are planning to travel without a partner, we could pair you up with a group of like-minded people upon request.

Absolutely. We create unique experiences based on all your needs and preferences, including the pace and duration of the trip.

The places we recommend are charming homestays, small guest houses, or hotels which allow you to experience local culture and traditions. Each of these places is vetted by us and meets our high standards of safety and comfort.

We will circulate an advisory before you go on your trip with recommendations on the kind of clothing and essentials to carry.

The cost includes all services and bookings laid out in your itinerary. 

The cost of your trip would not include camera fees at monuments, airfare (unless specified) and any personal expenses (laundry charges, telephone bills, drinks, tips, shopping, etc.). The cost of the trip does not have any provisions to cover costs on account of circumstances that are beyond our control. This includes situations such as road blockades, natural calamities, sickness evacuations, train or flight delays or cancellations, etc. The escort or driver who accompanies you will ensure that precautions are taken wherever possible, and where they are unavoidable, we will ensure a safe and secure replacement plan.

You can pay online on our website or via bank transfer. In case these methods are inconvenient, please talk to our travel advisor about other possible options, like cheque payments.

We can change trip dates subject to availability. The same applies to cancelling or transferring a booking to another name.