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Senior citizens form an increasingly large group of consumers in urban India and already represent a large market across most product and service categories including consumer products, entertainment, food and beverage, travel and healthcare to name a few. With the increase in independent living, both financially and socially, and reduced responsibilities they are also willing to spend and invest more for quality. The Samarth community represents a great opportunity to reach these discerning consumers and make them differentiated offers for your products and services. The Community with membership across more than 50 cities across India is growing rapidly. With its own portal, a weekly newsletter and a quarterly print magazine, a mobile app and on the ground events through out the year, brands have an opportunity to engage with more than 3 lakh urban, educated senior citizens and promote their products and services by offering special discounts and packages. Engaging with Samarth also demonstrates a greater social responsibility and an opportunity to bring something special to the elderly who have over years given their best to the next generation.


As an associate of Samarth, you can make special offers to Samarth members and become their preferred provider. Your brand will be featured on the website among the associates and your offers will be promoted in our communications with the members. You can also choose to leverage other media opportunities for more specific messaging and engagement.


Please fill the details below and we will get in touch with you to complete the simple formalities to get you on board.

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